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CS - Clans Mod

Justin/Barry - 16 загрузки

This mod contains the maps needed to play on the new CS - Clans ladder.The ladder will consist of a random map pack and a small set map list.It contains the following maps:11 Randomized maps selectable by choosing "=VR= Clans" in game as the map.Also contains the following set map list:=V= Chaos Blood v2.scx=V= Dome Blood - Hero v3.scx=V= Desert Blood.scx=V= Europe Random.scx=V= Germs Blood v1.scx=V= King Moves v1.scx=V= Ray Blood.scx=V= Spider Blood v6.scx=V= Soldier Store 8P v2.scx=V= Soldier Store Accel.scxNo CB maps have been added to this ladder.To use the mod with Advanced Statistics or other Mod:First download the files directly from HERE.Second transfer the maps to your scenario folder in your Age of Empires II directory.C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires II\ScenarioNow you will be able to select the random maps while using a different mod!
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