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1 Changes Affecting Civilizations -->

Changes Affecting Civilizations

Changes Affecting Civilizations

All Civilizations
  • Palisade Walls and Gates are built instantly.
  • Town Centres, Bombard Towers and Arrow Towers (Watch Tower, Guard Tower and Keep) are built faster.
  • Heresy enabled for all Civilizations.
  • Unique Units (+1 AP) vs War Wagons and War Elephants.
  • Infantry Units (+2 AP) vs War Elephants.
  • Infantry Units have 1.05 Movement Speed (not for Woad Raiders, Teutonic Knights and Berserks).
  • All Civilizations get Bombard Towers.
  • Palisade Wall (-249 HP).
  • Conscription Technology modified (Unit Creation Time -34%).
  • House (+1000 HP).
  • Castle (+20 AP vs Genitour and War Elephants, +30 AP vs Scythian Scout, -3 Melee and Pierce Armour).
  • Castle Attack Rate reduced (2->2.1).
  • Bombard Tower Attack Rate increased (6->5.2).
  • Watch Tower, Guard Tower and Keep costs 90 Stone to build.
  • Castle costs 550 Stone to build.
  • Murder Holes Technology costs 200 Food and 0 Stone.
  • Bombard Tower (+70 AP vs Scythian Scout).
  • Unique Infantry Units (+2 AP) vs Robin Hood, Charlemagne and Archers of the Eyes.
  • Husbandry enabled.
  • Feudal and Castle Age Cavalry Armour Technologies enabled (Chain and Scale Barding Armour).
  • Thumb Ring Technology enabled.
  • Jaguar Warriors Movement Speed increased (1->1.05).
  • Jaguar Warriors Creation Time reduced (20->19).
  • Elite Longbowman (+10 HP) and normal Longbowman (+5 HP).
  • Longbowmen are now more accurate.
  • Thumb Ring Technology enabled.
  • Yeomen Technology modified (Foot Archers receive +1 AP instead of +1 Range).
  • Cataphracts (+1 AP) and Elite Cataphracts (+2 AP).
  • Logistica Technology disabled.
  • Blast Furnace Technology enabled.
  • Woad Raiders Movement Speed increased (1.2->1.4).
  • Woad Raiders (+5 HP).
  • Squires can now be researched.
  • Chu Ko Nus (+1 AP).
  • Instead of +20% HP to Knight-line it is now +20% HP to all Cavalry.
  • Charlemagne benefits from the Bearded Axe Technology
  • Squires can now be researched.
  • Throwing Axemen Movement Speed increased (0.9->1.05)
  • Throwing Axemen (+1 Range).
  • Thumb Ring Technology enabled.
  • Huskarls (+1 Melee and Pierce Armour).
  • Goth Heroes receive +1 Pierce Armour (must research Anarchy to take effect).
  • Nothing
  • Samurai Movement Speed increased (1->1.05).
  • Samurai (+2 AP) vs Janissaries.
  • War Wagons Attack Rate increased (2.5->2.4).
  • War Wagons Creation Time reduced (25->24).
  • War Wagons (+1 AP vs Charles Martel).
  • War Wagons (+1 AP vs Subotai).
  • Husbandry enabled.
  • Cavalry Armour Technologies enabled (Chain and Scale Barding Armour).
  • Plumed Archers (+1 AP) vs Buildings.
  • Mangudai Creation Time reduced (26->24).
  • Mangudai Attack Rate increased (2.1->1.9).
  • Mangudai (+1 AP) vs Buildings.
  • War Elephants Movement Speed increased (.6->.7).
  • War Elephants Creation Time reduced (31->30).
  • War Elephants (-1 AP) vs Buildings.
  • War Elephants (+3 AP) vs Charlemagne.
  • Mamelukes (+2 AP) vs Buildings.
  • Mamelukes Creation Time reduced (23->22).
  • Conquistadors Attack Rate increased (2.9->2.61).
  • Conquistadors Creation Time reduced (24->20).
  • Teutonic Knights Attack Rate increased (2->1.9).
  • Teutonic Knights Movement Speed increased (.6->.95).
  • Crenellations Technology modified (+1 Range to all Towers and Castles, requires Castle Age).
  • Teuton Heroes receive +1 Melee Armour (must research Crenellations to take effect).
  • Janissaries Creation Time reduced (21->20).
  • Berserks Movement Speed increased (1.05->1.1).
  • More Berserks with +50% Attack Rate.
Archers of the Eyes
  • Attack Rate reduced (1.79->1.9).
  • Movement Speed reduced (1->.95).
  • (+1 Pierce Armour, +1 AP vs War Wagons, Robin Hood, Janissaries, Conquistadors, Mangudai, +2 AP vs War Elephants).
  • Movement Speed increased (.89->.95).
  • (+2 AP vs Pyramid, +1 Melee Armour, +3 AP vs Buildings).
  • Attack Rate increased (2->1.79).
Robin Hood
  • Attack Rate increased (2->1.9).
  • (+3 AP vs Buildings and War Elephants).
  • More accurate.
  • Attack Rate increased (2->1.79).
  • (+1 Melee and Pierce Armour, +15 AP vs Buildings).
  • (+3 AP vs War Elephants, +10 AP vs Buildings).
Charles Martel
  • Movement Speed increased (.89->1.03).
  • (+3 AP vs War Elephants).
William the Conqueror
  • Attack Rate increased (2->1.86).
  • (+1 Melee and Pierce Armour, +15 AP vs Buildings).
Theodoric the Goth
  • Movement Speed increased (.89->1.05).
  • Attack Rate increased (2->1.9).
  • (+15 AP vs Buildings).
Genghis Khan
  • Line of Sight increased (4->5).
Harald Hardraade
  • Attack Rated reduced (1->1.4).

Tiny Island Changes

  • Super Elite Genitour (100 Starting HP, 100 Starting AP, Default Armour 3/3).
  • Super Elite Genitour changed to Hero (regenerates HP, cannot be converted).
  • Super Elite Genitour Movement Speed increased (1.35->1.6).
  • Mordred Movement Speed increased (1.3->1.9).
  • Mordred (-1 Melee and Pierce Armour).
  • Mordred cannot kill Castles, Stone and Fortified Walls.
  • Mordred Attack Rate reduced (.8->1).
  • Mordred Attack vs Buildings reduced (80->50).
  • Frankish Paladin (+3 Melee and Pierce Armour, +100 AP vs Pyramid).
  • Frankish Paladin Attack Rate increased (2->1.79).
  • Transport Ship Movement Speed increased (1.45->1.9).
  • Alexander Nevski (+2 Melee Armour, +3 Pierce Armour).
  • Alexander Nevski Attack Rate increased (2->1.95).
  • God's Own Sling accuracy increased to 100%.
  • God's Own Sling (+500 HP, +210 AP vs God's Own Sling)
  • God's Own Sling Movement Speed increased (.8->1).
  • God's Own Sling Attack Rate increased (10->7.9).
  • Elite Skirmisher Movement Speed increased (.95->1.15) and more resistant to conversion.
  • Friar Tuck Movement Speed increased (.7->.95).

Miscellaneous Changes

  • The Tower of Flies (+2 Range, +6000 HP, +100 AP, +250 AP vs War Elephants).
  • The Tower of Flies Attack Rate increased (3->1.7).
  • You can no longer do Palisade Wall exploit (e.g. placing Wall to see enemy base). The Wall Foundation is now invisible, if you do not have LOS in that area.


2016.09 Goth Heroes receive +1 Pierce Armour (must research Anarchy to take effect).2016.09 Teuton Heroes receive +1 Melee Armour (must research Crenellations to take effect).2016.09 Celts can now research Squires.2016.09 Mayans are not able to research Plate Barding Armour anymore.2016.09 Mayans are not able to research Bloodlines anymore.2016.09 Yeomen no longer give +2 AP to Foot Archers, only +1 AP now.2016.09 Crenellations can be researched starting from Castle Age.2016.07 Mordred no longer deal damage to Janissaries.2016.05 Charlemagne receive +2 AP against Pyramid.2016.05 The Frankish Unique Technology - Bearded Axe - now gives +1 Range to Charlemagne aswell.2016.05 Franks Knight-line +20% HP bonus now applies to all Cavalry units.2016.05 Charlemagne Range reverted back to 3.2016.03 Franks can now research Squires.2016.03 Mordred rightfully deal full attack damage versus Gates.2016.03 Increased Mordred Attack Damage versus Gates and Towers by 10, (40->50).2016.03 Enabled Blast Furnace Technology for Byzantines.2016.02 Yeomen modified (Foot Archer Range +1->0, Foot Archer Attack 0->+2).2016.02 Removed a hidden bonus given by Garland Wars, previously all Aztec Infantry had +1 Melee Armour.2016.02 Archers of the Eyes Attack Rate reduced (1.79->1.9)2016.02 Mordred Damage output reduced (80->40 AP vs Buildings).2016.02 Mordred Attack Rate reduced (.8->1).10.2015 Mayans can now research Bloodlines.10.2015 Mayans can now research Husbandry.10.2015 Aztecs can now research Husbandry.10.2015 Reverted Chu Ko Nu +10 HP bonus, now they have the standard HP as in the normal game.8.2015 Mordred Melee and Pierce Armour reverted and nerfed (removed the +1 Bonus and nerfed by 1 also, so total of -2 Melee and Pierce Armour).8.2015 Mordred HP bonus reverted (-76 HP).8.2015 Ring Archer Armour readded to Persians.8.2015 Bracer removed for Persians. 8.2015 Genghis Khan LOS bug fixed (Range and LOS are equal now).10.002 Bombard Tower stone cost reverted. No longer costs 250 stone to build.10.002 Cavalry Archers bonus reverted. No longer get +15 HP and +1 AP vs Buildings.10.002 Paladin bonus reverted. No longer gets +15 HP and +1 AP vs Buildings.10.002 Bombard Tower bonus against Genghis Khan reverted. No longer kills Genghis Khan in one hit.Check also
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