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Fan Patch 2.2

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Fan Patch 2.2 only includes the essentials - bug fixes, map fixes, new maps, and deathmatch exclusive balance changes. These are the things that everyone should agree on. The project is now pushing towards full implementation in order to turn into the main patch.Change log: Bugfixing:Disabled the usage of the console for multiple instancesRemoved in-game cheatsFixed an exploit involving the spawning of Ajax SPC units.Trees and mines no longer provide one less unit than they're supposed to.Hippolyta minion conversion bug fixedHealing spring decontruction bug fixedUndermine now works on mirror towersFixed a bug regarding docks being unable to shoot at certain water myth unitsChanged the basic unit stance of Leviathans from defensive to aggressiveThe Satyr`s accurate attack no longer misses targets due to spread javelinsAtlanteans can research draft horses nowChanged the caravan unit stance to aggressive to fix the caravan drop-off bugOracle scouts can now garrison, and all myth unit special attacks work on themBast upgrade bugs fixedTitan gates are now deletable.Changed the basic unit stance of oracle heroes from passive to aggressive.All huntable animals (therefore set`s animals) are now affected by frostCaribous of Set now convert nearby herdablesTraitor now affects Caribous of Set.The kraken special attack now works on fireships.Changed the initial stance of fishing ships to aggressive to fix the drop-off bug.Atlantean citadel centers now provide favorFixed a bug regarding fire siphons being unable to hit gates on higher/lower ground from their maximal rangeDestroyers` and hero destroyers` bonus damage now affects underworld passages, titan gates and tartarian gatesSun Ray now affects MedusasThe Argo now receives the hero tag and is no longer affected by traitor, chaos, shockwave and the frost giant special attackMeteor, Pestilence, Restoration and Lightning Storm now display their real range.Rain no longer creates an effect above docks, seeing as fishing rates aren`t affectedMap changes:New maps(added to the random set) :Ghostland : Ghostlake with snowy terrain in the middleLamia: A more open version of AlfheimTartarus: An Erebus-like map with lava patchesMolde: A very open map, with scarce woodTerra Incognita: A random terrain mapAdded random DM set with fast paced land maps that promote exciting DM gamesGeneral map changes : (affecting all maps in sets) :Town center, food and gold mis-positioning has been greatly reducedFood sources are more evenly dividedRemoved Highland from the random map setMap specific changes :Sea of worms :Removed islandSwitched out the starting fort to the usual 4 starting towersMinimal closeby boar count increased from 1 to 3Midgard :Increased minimal number of initial berries from 2 to 5\\\\ IF YOU ARE NOT INTERESTED IN DEATHMATCH, STOP READING \\\\\Deathmatch Exclusive Balance Changes :(note : unit stat changes are in base percent, and are added to the base values instead of overriding them. Example: the hoplite base hp is 115, so a 10% buff would make it 126.5)Overall Deathmatch Balance Changes :The „Hold all Town Centers” win condition now affects Deathmatch gamesTower limit reduced from 20 to 12Disabled titans and wonders in deathmatchAll favor trickle rates removed in deathmatchAll siege ship ranges decreased to 20All siege gets 15% bonus damage vs other siegeIncreased wall build times by 33%, reduced wall hack armor from 68% to 50%Reduced all wall repair rates by 70%DM Atlantean changes : Sky passage limit decreased from 10 to 4Mirror tower limit decreased from 10 to 4Citizen and hero citizen TC build rate nerfs removedAtlantean Town center hitpoints increased from 2100 to 2800 (equal with others)Increased the favor gather rate from 0.09\s to 0.15\s. This also fixes the bug of the DM favor buff not working pre- fan patch.Fire siphon range increased from 12 to 17, crush damage increased by 15%Halo of the sun effect on siphon damage decreased from +25% to +10%Lampades ranged and special attack maximum range increased to 12Heka gigantes hitpoints increased from 850 to 950, favor cost increased from 25 to 28Argus damage increased from 20 to 25, hitpoints increased from 360 to 450Arcus and turma (and hero variants') pierce attack increased by 15%Heroes no longer cost extra population, and are 20% cheaperAtlantean citizen and citizen hero farm gathering rates increased by 20% eachGaia's citizens and hero citizens are granted a 1.5 hp/s persistent regenarationChannels(Gaia tech) will apply to caravans as well (+20% speed)Gaia`s Heroes cost only 1 favorContarius and contarius hero pierce armor increased by 6%Bite of the Shark (Oce****) will now affect Fanatics as wellKronos` Oracle train time reduced by 60%DM greek changes : Increased the favor gathering rate bonus on villagers from +20% to +45% Reduced underworld repair rate by 60%Zeus' favor bonus reduced from +38% to +20%Poseidon`s cavalry does +10% damageHetairoi hitpoints increased by 40%Hades` Archers cost 10% less resourcesHeroes do additional 100% bonus damage vs myth unitsBellerophon`s jump recharge time increased from 5s to 8sPolyphemus` hitpoints increased by 30%Polyphemus` crush damage increased from 5 to 20Hippolyta`s Hitpoints increased by 15%Chiron`s range increased from 14 to 16Perseus` special attack range increased from 5 to 16Colossus favor cost increased from 25 to 30Villager build rate increased from 50% to 60%DM norse changes : Hersir Town center build rate increased from 50%to 80%Removed the 50% increase to Hersirs` automatic favor gatheringIncreased starting ulfsark count from 5 to 6 Ballista crush damage increased by 2 per bolt1 hp/s persistent regeneration added to all non-myth military units of OdinNidhogg hitpoints increased from 2000 to 2800, hack damage increased from 30 to 40Odin’s Ulfsarks now have 10 more hitpointsOdin`s Jarls recieve a 10% hitpoint bonus (20% total)Throwing axemen recieve an additional 50% bonus damage vs infantryFenris wolf boost effect increased from +15% to +20% per wolfDM Egyptian changes : Infantry Mercenary limit reduced from 10 to 6Mercenary cavalry limit reduced from 10 to 8Catapult population cost increased from 3 to 4Roc speed decreased from 4.8 to 4.5Ra's priests now cost 1 less populationSet's priests have +15% pierce damageSet now grants a TC build speed bonus of +15% Set's animals cost 50% less favor, and 1 populationSet`s Mercenaries recieve a +10 second lifespan on heroic age advanceSerpents (god power) get their hitpoints and damage increased by 200%Starting laborer count increased from 12 to 13Phoenix hitpoints increased from 400 to 550, crush damage increased from 30 to 40, speed increased to 4Avenger favor cost decreased from 30 to 25
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