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999 Taunts

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Get taunts 1 to 999 that have been fixed to not crash your game as some people had this issue in the past. Taunts make the game experience a lot better and you will never memorize all 999 taunts so pressing enter during the game and randomly typing a number between 1-999 can be unexpectedly funny if the right taunt comes along.These taunts work for Age Of Empires II and the Conquerors/Forgotten Empires Expansions and will also work on Age of Empires, Rise Of Rome, Age of Kings, Age of Mythology, Age Of Empires III.Download Links (~44Mb):Mediafire: [You must login to view link]Depositfiles: [You must login to view link]So go ahead and download these taunts and unzip them to your "C:\Program files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires II\Taunt" folder (make sure you delete everything inside taunt folder first!) and come play some Age Of Empires II: The Conqueror's expansion or the Forgotten Empires expansion.PS: If you are on Windows XP do not play these taunts on Windows Media Player because it adds code to taunt and makes your game crash when you hear them in game. Use VLC media player instead.Voobly Screenshot:
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Complete List of all 999 Taunts:01 Yes 02 No 03 Food, please 04 Wood, please 05 Gold, PLease 06 Stone, please 07 Ahh 08 All Hail 09 Oooh 10 Back to Age 1 11 Herb laugh 12 Being rushed 13 Blame your isp 14 Start the game 15 Don't Point That Thing 16 Enemy Sighted 17 It Is Good 18 I Need a Monk 19 Long Time No Siege 20 My granny 21 Nice Town I'll Take It 22 Quit Touchin 23 Raiding Party 24 Dadgum 25 Smite Me 26 The wonder 27 You play 2 hours 28 You Should See the Other Guy 29 Roggan 30 Wololo 31 Attack an Enemy Now 32 Cease Creating Extra Villagers 33 Create Extra Villagers 34 Build a Navy 35 Stop Building a Navy 36 Wait for My Signal to Attack 37 Build a Wonder 38 Give Me Your Extra Resources 39 Nom Nom Nom pt1 40 Nom Nom Nom pt2 41 Nom Nom Nom pt3 42 What Age Are You In 43 Hey, you're in deep doh now 44 doheth 45 Excellent 46 Release the hounds 47 Why you little 48 You guys suck 49 haahahahaahaaahaha 50 You are an idiot, hahahahahahaha 51 hehe what a dork hehehe 52 Run away! Run away! 53 There's only two ways this can end 54 Stop pummelling me! It's really painful! 55 (Voice) (Evil Laugh) 56 (Voice) Burn baby burn 57 (Voice) Chicken Ass 58 (Voice) Clean up on isle 5 59 (Voice) Damn I'm good 60 (Voice) Do you smell something burning 61 (Voice) Die, Weakling! 62 (Voice) Forget the brown bag - you need a body bag 63 (Voice) Get'em 64 (Voice) Going, Going, Gone 65 (Voice) Good One! 66 (Voice) He's outta there 67 (Voice) I - am the angel of death 68 (Voice) I regret nothing 69 (Voice) I'll see you in hell! 70 (Voice) Is it hot in here, or is it just me 71 (Voice) Is there a doctor in the house 72 (Voice) Keep the change 73 (Voice) Now that's a blue light special 74 (Voice) Oh - Did that hurt 75 Listen, you haven't seen the coolest part, this is gonna blow you away 76 (Voice) Oww - do you have a booboo 77 (Voice) Oww, with the birthday suit 78 (Voice) See you in hell 79 (Voice) Show no mercy 80 (Voice) Sissy! 81 (Voice) Smells like chicken 82 (Voice) Today is a good day to die 83 (Voice) Ummm, I love a good bbq 84 (Voice) Hoohah! 85 (Voice) Wussie 86 (Voice) You should've gone to Disney Land 87 (Voice) You're gonna need a massage after this 88 (Voice) You're gonna pay for that 89 (Voice) You're the man 90 I have a very bad feeling about this 91 hahahahahaha 92 That was a record! 93 I'll soon rule the world, but first you have to die 94 hAAhahaHaha 95 I'm trying to think but nothing happens 96 You want it sugar coated or between the eyes 97 Uh oh, I almost made a booboo 98 See this, this is my boom stick! 99 Somebody Dial 911! 100 (Star Wars) All too easy 101 (Star Wars) Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen 102 (Star Wars) I find your lack of faith disturbing 103 (Star Wars) I think it is time to demonstrate the full power of this station 104 I will do, what must be done 105 (Star Wars) If you strike me down I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine 106 (Star Wars) It is pointless to resist 107 (Star Wars) There is no escape, don't make me destroy you 108 (Star Wars) (Jabba Laughs) 109 (Star Wars) (Yoda Laughs) 110 Die you son of a **** 111 (Star Wars) Move the fleet away from the deathstar 112 (Star Wars) Ummmmmmm 113 Life's a ****, and then you die 114 (Star Wars) You may fire when ready 115 (Star Wars) You must learn the ways of the force 116 (Star Wars) You should not have come back 117 I'm gonna kick your ass, **** 118 There's nothing you can do about it, cause I'm a mad man 119 Rock and Roll 120 Oh I'm so scared 121 Your getting pretty ambitious ain't ya 122 ORLY! 123 You made a mistake, well that was entirely unacceptable 124 Are you still there 125 Ooh that's gotta hurt 126 Buckle up bonehead, cause you're going for a ride 127 Chucky's Laugh 128 You know what I mean by assaulted, well i mean assaulted! 129 That's it, lets do it I'm ready 130 You know, could put somebody's eye out with that thing 131 How we doing, same as always, that bad eh 132 Now witness the firepower of this fully armed and operational battle station 133 You are beaten, it is useless to resist 134 If you only knew the power of the dark side 135 Don't make me destroy you 136 That's impossible even for a computer 137 I better get out of here while the getting's good 138 Well blow me down 139 Strength in Unity! 140 Oh boy that felt good 141 Watch it buster 142 A guy could get killed out there in the country, with all them guns going off 143 Kiss my curvy but goodbye 144 Mother said there'd be days like this 145 Now now, don't be bashful 146 My, aren't we touchy today 147 Aye come here, Ive got something good for you, come on come on 148 Mu
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