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Hi faggots

Yes... is me
Well all know me.. but if you dont know me.. i am chilenox..
My nick be banned for that stupid tardbrueken

i used this nick for made this post

Yesterday chile kick as to uruguay....
And jara dont need put finger in cavani ass
Cause Chile have a great team...

Is impossible beat Chile in soccer

Is impossible beat chilenox in aok or aoc

Cause im great
If god have name.. the name be Chilenox

Some tards.. ask me .. chilenox if you are great why you loss some games?...

The answer is easy..

Sometimes chilenox need die in game..
Like jesus die for us..
Chilenox die for yours...
Think litle noob...
If i win all time.. people leave from voobly...

Is all

Chilenox as spoken
Whos against me
All sux in this site

Chilenox rules

And remeber my fans..

Chilenox is alpha
Chilenox is omega
Chilenox is ying
Chilenox is yang
Chilenox is dark
Chilenox is light

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