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To play at voobly you need the following things

1) The game installed similar to this for XP/ Vista/ Win7 32 bit:
C:Program files/Microsoft Games/Age Of Empires11/

The game installed similar to this for Vista/ W7/ W8 64 bit.
C:Program files[86]/Microsoft Games/Age Of Empires11/
install the game as admin, in compatibility mode for xpsp3.

Some find using compatibility mode for w98 or w95 works better. Try all if having a problem

2) Be registered at Voobly to get a password to log in with:register
3) Down loaded and installed the Voobly gaming client from the Voobly web site: Voobly client
4) Down load and install, to the game folder, the latest Microsoft game patches in your language:
Age of Empires 1c: game patch.
Rise of Rome 1a: Game Patch
Age of Kings 2a: Game Patch
Age of Empires The Conquerors 1c: Game Patch
Age of Empires The Conquerors 1e (If needed): Game Patch

All game patches
All Age Of Empires Game Patches By Language

After this in W7 and W8 Configure voobly like this
First create a room

Use Voobly nat traversal feature. Read here for more info:nat traversal and netwok diagnostic
If you experience any problems, forward port 16000udp to the private ip of the playing pc. apply/save

Use a true modem
If you have a true modem, and are directly connected to it, then no setup is needed.
A true modem means no routing ability (most but not all cable modems) and most likely only a single LAN port (ethernet port) and no wireless)

Use UPnP
This method requires little configuration. Your router needs to support UPnP for this to work.
No fixed IP needed or router ports opened.
How To Set Up UPnP
W7 supports UPnP without any need to set up the operating system

Use port forwarding on your router to play not using Voobly nat feature
To setup your router to play you generally need a fixed IP and the game ports open on the router.
The game ports are:
Age Of Kings/ Age Of Conquerors: 2300 to 2400 tcp/udp and 47624 tcp
Age Of Empires: 2300 to 2400 tcp/udp and 47624 tcp and 6073 tcp/udp
Microsoft Ants: 2300 to 2400 tcp/udp 47624tcp. 4001 tcp
All older CD games need: 2300 to 2400 tcp/udp 47624tcp

How to manually open the game ports on the router
Set up a fixed IP:Fixed IP
Generic router setup:generic router setup
Open game ports using the fixed IP: [You must login to view link]
Some routers have a "reserve ip" feature on the DHCP page. so reserve your ip there.
Nat ports can be either 2310udp or 5000udp and use one or the other in the lobby settings.

Use Of An Automatic Set Up On Your Router
This program can do the entire set up for you. This app is no longer free
[You must login to view link]
This program cannot open the router firewall if needed, that must be done manually. This method does not work for all routers.

Additional Requirements
Voobly and the game you wish to play need to be allowed through any PC firewall or security applications.
For those with router firewalls, SPI (Stateful Packet Inspection) and those with "block anonymous
requests" need to be turned off, how ever if you play using Voobly nat, you shouldnt need to alter the router f/wall